Monday, May 26, 2008

Brushing Tips

Helpful hints for getting your toddler to brush and actually enjoy it: do it together, use an electronic toohbrush, brush in the bath tub and establish a reward system.

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Bridget said...

Make it a game. Libby started giving us trouble last summer. She was 18 months old and baby brother was nearly here. I would sing the alphabet while she brushed, but then letting mommy check after wasn't cutting it. My mom started with saying she was counting her teeth, then I turned it into a game. We would sing the alphabet while she brushed, then we'd see how high we could count while I "checked" (brushed) her teeth.

Another thing, is changing your strategy.... I know a friend who had to change things up at least every week. Whether it was a different game or having her daughter brush her teeth while she brushed her daughters... we tried that quite a bit too, but be warned if you're pregnant... it's not easy on the gag reflex. ;)