Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winner: Relish! Giveaway

Congrats to prebabyjeans (comment #60) who is the winner of the One Year Subscription to Relish! plus a gift from Crate and Barrel.

She said, "I love the combination of convenience and personal choice. Some of these meal planners only give you 1 or 2 choices. But Relish gives you so many combos it is great!"

:: Click here to find out more about Relish! Online Menu Planning Service.

:: Click here to enter our new giveaway for a BLOG MAKEOVER from Krizzy Designs (ends 3/4).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Reasons Moms Are Addicted to the Internet

A friend and fellow baby blog addict, Bridget, came across this story "3 Reasons Moms Are Addicted to the Internet" and posted it on her facebook page. I knew it was one to share with the Baby Blog Addict community. Check it out...

Seeking information, community, and escape, new moms are spending more and more time on the web. How much is too much?

I was scrolling through family photos on my computer, admiring my two beautiful babies, when I spotted a disturbing trend: My laptop was open in almost all of the pictures. There's my daughter, at 8 months, playing at my feet while I typed away on the couch. There's me and my son, a year later, with the laptop at my side as I held him in my arms.

I'd heard about Internet addiction before, but always assumed it was something limited to socially challenged guys who played too much World of Warcraft. Now it seemed my Internet "habit" was slowly but surely crossing the line. Sometimes I found myself up into the wee hours of the morning, surfing the web while my family slept. I read the news, kept up with friends, and looked up answers to endless questions. I wrote my personal blog and read dozens of others, just for something to do.

It turns out I'm not the only mama who plugs in and zones out.


BBA Inbox - Designing Moms Blog & Baby Punk (20% Off)

We get lots of emails every day and can't feature everyone, but we would like to highlight some. Here are a couple that we'd like to share with the BBA community.

:: Designing Moms Blog - Cat designs a line of stationery products and invitations in San Francisco.

She is also expecting a little one soon and started a collective of designing moms from all areas...stationery, pastry, fashion, editorial, etc. They are all young moms or moms-to-be who have self-owned creative businesses. She wanted to start an informal "creative" support group for moms, so was formed. The moms in this blog are creative dynamos and they have such fun, creative ideas that they hope to share with everyone!

:: Baby Punk is a small online website dedicated to selling baby clothes. Although they sell a lot of punk-themed items, there are also many other styles of baby clothes including cute baby clothes, political baby clothes, funny baby clothes and many more. They are offering 20% off if you enter the code babyblogaddict. It will expire in February 2010.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog Designer Spotlight: Krizzy Designs + GIVEAWAY!


New to BBA? Check out our welcome message and sign up for our feed or become a follower in the left sidebar, so you don't miss a thing.

We are excited to introduce you to another amazing blog designer here on BBA. Next up is Krystyn of Krizzy Designs. She is offering a GIVEAWAY too! Krystyn is giving away your choice of either a blog design (with custom header, background and signature) OR the design of a greeting card (you would receive the digital file to print, email or share).

Here's how to enter our giveaway for your choice of either:

  • BLOG DESIGN (with custom header, background and signature)
  • OR GREETING CARD DESIGN (you would receive the digital file to print, email or share)

1) Go to Krizzy Designs's Blog Designs or her Announcements/Invites Portfolio and search through her creative designs for your favorite.

2) Earn one entry by leaving a comment on this post telling us your favorite design from Krizzy Designs.

3) Earn one extra entry by becoming a BBA Follower in our left column and letting us know in a separate comment. If you are already a follower, you can still earn an extra entry by just letting us know in a separate comment.

4) Make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) in your blogger profile or comment itself, so we can contact you if you win.

5) This giveaway ends: Wednesday, 3/4 at 7:00 PM ET. We'll select a random winner then post their name here on BBA and email them after the contest ends. Good luck!

Here's a little about the designer. We asked Krystyn to tell us about herself and her design background. Here's what she said...

I am a mom of 2 girls (27 months and 3 months old). I am a high school science teacher with a BS and MS in graphic design is totally not my background. I've learned a little bit through some online classes, but mostly, trial and error and poking around.

I started by redesigning my own blog ( and kept changing it up. Then, I helped some friends out and people started contacting me. I decided to start up a design site and see what happened, and Krizzy Designs was born.

I also am a certified (although not currently teaching) aerobics instructor. I guess you could say that I like to learn and figure out new things. Krizzy Designs keeps me busy on nights and weekends and brings in a little extra fun for me.

Here's what Krystyn told us about her design services.

I design the entire blog (header, background, signature, column headers, buttons, etc) or just pieces. From scrap book style, to smooth and sleek, to using royalty-free images; I'm willing to try whatever the customer wants.

I also love to do greeting cards (birth announcements, holiday cards, party invites, etc) as well. I like to create a design that totally suites the customer's needs.

Here are a few more of Krizzy Design's creative blog designs:

Leave your comment on this post to enter our Krizzy Designs giveaway.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Goodnight NOLA" - New Book and Family Favorite

As native Louisianians, we are excited to introduce a new book that has already become a favorite in our household and I'm sure will for families throughout the New Orleans area and across the country. It's called "Goodnight NOLA" and for those of you not familiar with NOLA, that's New Orleans, Louisiana.

"Goodnight NOLA" was written by a friends' husband, Cornell P. Landry. It is a 36-page hard cover book that is a lovable tribute to things unique to New Orleans, like red beans and rice, po'boys, celebrated chefs, music, historic landmarks and many other features of the Crescent City.

It was just released a couple of weeks ago and is already a hit. Check out the direct link here or Amazon and Target. I see that it is already on backorder at both Amazon and Target, but it's worth placing your order now.

We ordered it before it was released and it was delivered to our house on Valentine's Day. Our three-year-old son Jack loves it! He especially loves the first page, "Goodnight red beans, goodnight rice," and the part that goes, "Bam!" for Emeril. Thanks, Cornell for such a wonderful book for children and adults alike.

P.S. Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mysterious 'Land of Twins'

Like so many in the farming town of CÂNDIDO GODÓI, Brazil, populated almost entirely by German-speaking immigrants, Derli Grimm, 19, believes that something is in the water — a mysterious mineral, perhaps — is responsible for the town’s unusual concentration of twins.

“It can’t all be explained by genetics,” said Mr. Grimm, himself a twin. Geneticists would like to disagree with him, but even they have no solid explanation for the 38 pairs of twins among about 80 families living in a one-and-a-half-square-mile area.

The mystery has persisted for decades, attracting international attention and inspiring books and investigations by geneticists. It is one reason locals are in no hurry to try to prove their water theory. They are too busy posing for journalists and marketing their town to tourists as the “twins capital of the world.”


Is it Time to Move Your Toddler From a Crib to a Bed?

While statistics show that nearly 75% of children under the age of 2 sleep in a crib, by the time that child is 3 years old, the percentage drops to around 35%.

It seems that most children are ready to move to a big-kid (or at least a toddler) bed by the age of 3. But how do you know your little one is ready?


What do you think? When did you move your child? Was there a reason? Would you do anything differently if you were able to do it over again? Let your fellow baby blog addicts know in the comments here.

Winner: Scrapblog Designs by Hilary Blog Makeover

Congratulations to Caralyn (comment #9) who is the winner of the Blog Makeover from Scrapblog Designs by Hilary. Caralyn said, "They are all super cute, but my favorite is: The Ketchledge Family."
Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Hilary for the giveaway! Caralyn, I'll be contacting you on your blog, since I don't have your email address.

:: Our current BBA giveaway is a 1-year subscription to Relish!, an online menu planning service. Enter here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wrap-A-Bye Baby

Live in a cold weather climate? Maybe the Snuggle Bub is just what you need.

Available in lamb's wool or faux shearling, and sized for children from birth to age 4, the thick swaddling wrap looks like a cozy coat, with openings for safety harnesses and belts.

Snuggle Bub is $80 in lamb's wool, $45 in faux shearling.

The Perils of Parenting in the White House

Consider the perils of parenting in the White House.

There is a movie theater, a bowling alley, a horseshoe pit, a swimming pool, five full-time chefs and dozens of household staff members ready to dish up ice cream at all hours. There are trips to foreign lands, dinners with kings and celebrities, swarming paparazzi and blaring motorcades, all with the potential to transform sweet little children into bossy, self-important ones. (Or lonely, dysfunctional ones.)

What are presidential parents to do?

Lay down the law, according to the newest parental unit in the executive mansion. President Obama and his wife, Michelle, might not be in Chicago anymore, but they say the old rules still apply when it comes to their daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7.

More from The New York Times...

Celeb Baby News

:: Nicole Richie expecting second child
:: Sports-themed baby shower for Charlie Sheen, wife
:: Mira Sorvino debuts mini baby bump

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Relish! Online Menu Planning GIVEAWAY


We're giving away a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO RELISH! along with a gift from Crate and Barrel to one lucky BBA reader. See the details at the end of this post.

A fellow baby blog addict and friend, Danielle, kept updating her facebook status with amazing dinners she was cooking for her family. One day it was, "Danielle is cooking Deconstructed Lasagna with Mushrooms, Spinach and Turkey Italian Sausage." Another day was "Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Sauce" and yet another was "Peanut Noodles and Sesame Asparagus". YUM! You should see the comments she gets. Everyone wants to move in with her.

I thought she needed to start a blog with all these recipes, but she confessed that the secret to her amazing dinners is a menu planning service called relish! at When I asked how she likes it, she said, "We are still doing it and we love it! The food is always soooo good. I am obsessed with a single weekly shopping trip with an organized list. I think you will love it."

Relish! touts itself as putting an end to agonizing trips to the grocery store and 5:00 stare-downs with the fridge...something I'm all too familiar with. You choose your weekly recipes (you pick five out of fifteen choices), the grocery list is tabulated, shop once a week and have all of the ingredients needed for five meals.

There's even a Dime and Dash category offering menus that are easier on the wallet, kid-friendly options, low cal and vegetarian. They also offer a gluten-free site ( A 3-month subscription is $21.00, 6 months is $35.70 and 1 year is $58.80. That's as little as 16 cents per day.

We are trying out Relish! in our own household, so I'll give you an update in the next couple of weeks to let you know how its working for our family.
Here's how to enter our giveaway for a 1-Year Relish! Subscription plus a gift from Crate and Barrel:

1) Go to the Relish!

2) Earn one entry by leaving a comment on this post telling us what you like best about the service after visiting their site.

3) Earn one extra entry by becoming a BBA Follower in our left column and letting us know in a separate comment. If you are already a follower, you can still earn an extra entry by just letting us know in a separate comment. Make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) in your blogger profile or comment itself, so we can contact you if you win.

4) This giveaway ends: Thursday, 2/26 at 8:00 PM ET. We'll select a random winner then post their name here on BBA and email them after the contest ends. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Designer Spotlight: Berries & Cream Blog Design + BBA Discount Code

**Updated 2/19 with discount code at the end of this post.

We have received great feedback from all of you on our weekly Blog Designer Spotlights. It seems that so many of you want a new blog look and are turning to these creative blog designers that we are spotlighting here on BBA.

Berries and Cream Blog Design - How yummy is your blog?

Next up is Berries and Cream Blog Design. Berries and Cream is the re-branded, re-designed version of RS Designs. They just relaunched on February 14, so they are having a two-week launch party with sales and prizes! She is also offering BBA readers a special discount. The details are at the bottom of this post.

Revka Stearns is the creative mind behind Berries and Cream Blog Design. Head on over to her site to check out her store sale and giveaways over the next two weeks!

We asked Revka to tell us about herself and her design background. Here's what she said.

I am a stay-at-home Mompreneur. On August 21, I will have been married to my wonderful husband for 10 years. We have 4 children - three girls and one boy.

I have always been a creative person; I majored in music education in college and have taught private piano lessons for 15 years. Before I started my personal blog, The Porch Light, in 2006, I knew nothing about blogs or blog design. Once I began blogging, I started visiting other blogs and loved the unique designs they had.

I eventually discovered my computer's photo editing program and realized that I could create custom images. Then I realized that people would actually pay me to create designs from them, and the rest is history.

Here's what Revka told us about her design services.

Berries and Cream Blog Design specializes in creating simply delicious blog designs for women, particularly mommy bloggers and WAHMs. With an A La Carte Menu, custom design packages, custom advertising/branding packages, and pre-made designs, Berries and Cream Blog Design offers just about anything you could want or need for your blog's design.

Although most of our clients use Blogger or self-hosted WordPress, we will work with any platform that allows you to access and edit your template's code.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and no-limit revision policy ensures that our clients have final say in their design. Because our clients' design vision is what guides us, the designs we have created cover a wide variety of styles from cute to scrapbook to professional to simple.

**Revka is offering BBA readers a discount of $10 off an order of $30 or more. The code to be entered at checkout is BBAreaders (case sensitive). This discount code is valid through March 31, 2009. Thanks, Revka!

And Baby Makes Three?

An interesting study from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago reveals that a couple's marriage may depend on the decision to have a baby.

Psychologists followed 96 couples for six years after having their first baby. All felt an increase in tension during the first 18 months. But after that those that both wanted a child slowly returned to the same levels of marital bliss they enjoyed before the baby.

On the other hand, if even one parent had misgivings about the baby, the couples generally wound up separating or divorcing before the child was old enough to enter kindergarten.

Tiger's New Baby Revealed

Tiger Woods and wife Elin have released one of their first family photos with their daughter Sam Alexis and new baby boy, Charlie. More pictures are posted here and on the golfer's official website.

Exersaucer Recall

Evenflo is recalling 256,000 of its ExerSaucer Triple Fun Stationary Activity Centers because of a risk of injuries.

When used as an activity table, a cap on one end of the recalled ExerSaucer Triple Fun activity center can loosen and fall off, posing a fall hazard to a young child leaning or pulling up on the end cap.

Evenflo has received 11 reports of dislodged end caps on the ExerSaucer Triple Fun activity centers that resulted in nine minor injuries, including scratches and bruises.

Woman Poisons Baby Food

50-year-old Shirley Ybarra is accused of poisoning baby food at a Florida grocery store.

Detectives say she put rubber gloves on her hands before mixing an acrid, black substance into baby food and juice containers.

Publix surveillance cameras caught the woman wheeling her shopping cart down the aisle, where she worked on the jars and bottles for about 15 minutes - all while shoppers and employees walked by.

Deputies say the dark liquid she added to the food smelled like ammonia. She had it stored in a container of body splash.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cancer Patients Learn How to Preserve Fertility

Freezing eggs is not the only option available for doctors who are trying to preserve a cancer patient's fertility.

Minimizing the damage to the ovaries during radiation or chemotherapy is key, so some doctors use an experimental laparoscopic procedure to remove one or both of the ovaries before radiation in the pelvic area. The ovaries are frozen, then put back when the cancer treatment is completed.


BBA Headlines

:: Bristol Palin wants to be like, an advocate against teen pregnancy
The teenager sat down with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News to answer some incredibly soft questions. Palin’s answers were peppered with typical teenage-speak, such as “awesome”, more than a dozen “ums”, and, (by my count) at least 18 “likes”.

:: Ask The Juggle: Timing a Pregnancy And a Job Search
A reader has asked for fellow Jugglers’ advice on whether she should search for a job while pregnant. The reader had been planning to start a family this year and intended to combine raising her baby with working full-time. However, after quitting her job last summer to move to a new city with her spouse, she hasn’t been able to find a job.

:: Select a baby's health, not eye color
Recently, the Los Angeles-based Fertility Institutes announced that it would soon be offering patients at its clinics the chance to choose traits such as "eye color, hair color and complexion." The clinics already offer gender selection to patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.

Last Chance... enter the Scrapblog Designs by Hilary Giveaway of a Blog Makeover here on BBA. Click here to enter before tomorrow morning (Wednesday, February 18 at 8am ET).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Octuplets News

:: Reality TV future for Octuplets Mom?...
:: Angelina Jolie 'creeped out'...
:: Hasn't had sex in eight years...
:: Done having babies...
:: Agent denies report he's representing mom...
:: Houston Octuplets weigh in...
:: Grandmother says daughter is a 'good mother'... (video below)

Blog Hopping: Pain

By Diana Stacey
BBA Contributor

So last night was a entertaining night at the Stacey household. It all started off right with both kids asleep by 11. Yes that is early at our house. I am bad at sleeping schedules. And just to get Davis asleep faster I had him on my bed. Anyway, I can never sleep when Scot is out of town so I was catching up on my soaps (Days and General), it was one in the morning and I heard a big BUMP and screaming. I went running into my room and found that Davis had fallen off my bed. And less than a week ago I put risers under my bed making it six inches higher.

Well I figured he just scared himself, but when I picked him up there was blood on my arm, hand and shirt. Then I started hyperventilating. Blood freaks me out! So at that point Sydney is screaming too because Davis's screams were so loud and that doesn't mix well with my emotions running high.

I called Scot and woke him up to have him help me calm down. He did great, and was able to help me assess the wound. We decided to ice it and watch it. Have you ever tried to ice anything on a three year old? It is impossible! So then I lost my temper trying to help him and gave up. It wasn't until 3:30 that I got them both back to sleep. Of course, they were both awake by 10....mumble mumble. So like my Mom said this morning, "It's a double coke day!" (or more!)

And no, my kids will not be sleeping in my bed again!

:: Send us your funny blog posts and video clips. Click here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BBA Headlines

:: Toddler Drives Car into Building
A four-year-old boy went on a wild ride in his mom’s parked car after he managed to slip it into gear all by himself.

:: Pointing Toddler Means Words Will Follow
Don't just talk to your toddler — gesture, too. Pointing, waving bye-bye and other natural gestures seem to boost a budding vocabulary. Scientists found those tots who could convey more meaning with gestures at age 14 months went on to have a richer vocabulary as they prepared to start kindergarten.

:: Baby Addiction?
She may be the most notorious, but Nadya Suleman isn't the first woman in the world to have a large family. Don't forget Mia Farrow, Angelina Jolie, and Michelle Duggar. Between them, these four women have 52 children that are biological and adopted. Is it possible that aside from large families they have something else in common, like a baby addiction?

:: Celebrity Baby
Kevin Costner and his wife are proud parents of a baby boy. Costner's wife Christine Baumgartner, 34, gave birth to Hayes Logan Costner on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

:: More Headlines
More to parenting than just liking kids...
New dads talk about parenting...
How to meet other new parents in town...
Tips for successful - and less stressful - parenting...
'World's Strictest Parents' reality show casting call...

Watch Your Toddlers!

Toddler writes all over Dad's laptop...with a Sharpie!

13-Year-Old Dad Takes Baby Home

Innocent-eyed Alfie Patten spent his first night acting as a 13-year-old dad and declared: “It was easier than I thought.”

The four-footer — who looks no more than eight — said: “I know I’m young, but I plan to be a good dad.”

As he went on the PlayStation with 15-year-old girlfriend Chantelle Steadman, he added: “I think we’ll be good parents. I’ll have to work extra hard at school.”

More from The Sun...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Just scroll down the left sidebar to the 'BBA Followers' section. There you'll see the Baby Blog Addicts who are already on board.

Click 'Follow This Blog' then sign up through your Blogger account to follow BBA either publicly or anonymously. From then on, every time you sign into Blogger you'll see the latest from Baby Blog Addict on your Blogger Dashboard.

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Don't miss a moment of Baby Blog Addict fun!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Making Valentine's Day Special For Kids

Valentine's Day is not just a day for couples, it's a special day for kids too. It's a great day to celebrate and do something as a family, especially since it falls on a Saturday this year. Are you doing something special with your kids tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below and you may give fellow baby blog addicts some great inspiration.

Here are a few ideas:

1) Picnic at the park with the whole family. Bring out the blanket, pack lunches and spend a couple of hours just hanging out and playing at the park (leave the computer and cell phones at home).

2) Make an art project, go to a bounce house, go to the zoo. What's your child's favorite thing to do? Let them decide and make it a family day at their favorite place.

3) Bake with your child. Let them mix the ingredients and really get dirty and have fun with it. They'll love to give a gift of cookies or cake to mommy, daddy, grandparents or the neighbors.

4) Take them to the movies, even if it's their first. Are you wondering if your toddler is ready for the movies? Maybe Valentine's is the day to find out.

Here are some other ideas from e-How on How to Make Valentine's Day Special For Kids...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winner: Banners by Lyndsay

Congrats to Vone (comment #62) who wins our giveaway for the Basic Blog Makeover from Banners by Lyndsay!

Vone said, "Very hard to choose - so many nice ones. I think #4 is my favorite Musings and Misadventures - or #47 for my blog For my family blog - #26."

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you still want a makeover, go to Banners by Lyndsay to get her to design one or enter our new blog makeover giveaway from ScrapBlog Designs by Hilary.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Designer Spotlight: ScrapBlog Designs by Hilary + GIVEAWAY!


:: Don't miss Hilary's BLOG MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post.

This week's featured blog designer is the talented Hilary of ScrapBlog Designs by Hilary. She's the creative designer behind a BBA favorite - Quadville: The McNulty Quads Blog. Hilary is a student at The Ohio State University, majoring in Psychology. Her goal is to become a nurse in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She tried her hand at blog design and realized it was "a good opportunity for a poor college student to make a few extra bucks on the side."

We asked Hilary to tell us about herself and her design background. Here's what she said.

I became a blogger in my early high school years and have been hooked since then! My personal blog is Hilary's Place in Cyberspace, which I started in October of 2007.

Image and web design has been a favorite hobby of mine that started after I took a few Adobe Photoshop and web design classes in high school. After searching the web for a source that would make my blog look "pretty" and coming up short, I decided to try my hand in blog design. Through trial and error, I have taught myself a lot of what I know now. I also give credit to many different websites that offer free Blogger and Photoshop tutorials.
Here's what Hilary told us about her design services.

As my design blog's name suggests, my blog layouts have a scrapbook look to them. I mostly offer full blog layout designs with a variety of add-on options, but if you are looking for just a blog header, button, or custom signature, that can be arranged too. Right now, I am only making blog designs for those with a blog through Blogger.

I currently work with various digital scrapbooking artists to provide unique graphics with a scrapbook look. If you don't see something offered on my blog design site that
you want to be incorporated into your blog design, just send me an e-mail and I will try my best to make it work!
What's your turn around?

My turn around depends on how busy I am at any given point, but it is usually ever more than 1 to 2 weeks from the time of payment. I create my blog designs in two different stages...first I create the blog header and then the rest of the blog layouts.
Hilary's outlook on blog design.

I love providing my blog design services to others. It often leaves the recipient glowing with a renewed motivation to share their lives with others, through their newly "beautified" blog. Since I started my blog designing endevour, I have met countless people who have personally touched my life in a way I never thought was possible. I can say that, without a doubt, the blog designing industry is one that is unique in and of that I am so greatful to be a part of.
Here are some of Hilary's designs:

GIVEAWAY- Free Basic Blog Makeover

1) Go to the ScrapBlog Designs by Hilary portfolio page.

2) Leave a comment on this post telling us the title of your favorite design.

3) Enter only once. Make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) in your blogger profile or comment itself, so we can contact you if you win.

4) This giveaway ends: Wednesday, 2/18 at 8:00 AM ET. We'll select a random winner then post their name here on BBA and email them after the contest ends. Good luck!

Blog Hopping: The Ball Jabberer

By Carla Cole Latimer
BBA Contributor

Gareth has enjoyed doing this since he could stand! Crazy boy!

:: Send us your funny blog posts and video clips. Click here to find out how.

Salma Hayek Breastfeeds Another Woman's Baby

Got milk? Salma Hayek does - and she's happy to share.

The sultry "Frida" actress breastfed another woman's baby during a trip to Sierra Leone in front of "Nightline" cameras. Hayek, 42, discovered the child, who's mother was unable to produce milk, during a tour of a hospital in the war-torn country.

"The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother did not have any milk," she later recalled to USA Today. "He was very hungry - I was weaning my daughter Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breastfed the baby." (New York Daily News)

DIY Valentine's Cards for Kids

These examples are kid friendly, easy and inexpensive.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octuplets News

:: Octuplets birth spawns outrage from public...
:: Overwhelming cost of Octuplets...
:: Nanny agency owner defends Octuplet mom...
:: Mom on food stamps...
:: Biblical theme chosen for Octuplets' names...
:: Fertility doctor probed...

BBA Headlines

:: Obese Moms and Baby Defects
If you're planning on becoming pregnant, a new study suggests that you should try to shed any extra weight you're carrying before conception.

:: Vitamin E and Baby Dangers
It seems that high levels of vitamin E early in pregnancy may increase the risk of the baby being born with a heart defect.

:: Baby Born with Heart Outside of Chest Defies Odds
Surgeons said the boy would live for less then a week after he was born in eastern China with his heart just under the skin of his belly. But more than a month later the infant is home with his parents.

:: Tiger Woods' Baby: Name Theories
Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, announced the birth Sunday of their second child, a boy named Charlie Axel. Here are some theories on how they came up with that moniker.

Caring for Your Sick Child

Here are some tips for handling common winter illnesses like runny nose, cough, flu, fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

Last Chance... enter the Banners by Lyndsay Blog Makeover giveaway here on BBA. Enter by tomorrow morning - Wednesday, 2/11 at 8:00 AM ET.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Hopping: Traveling With a Toddler

By Mike Morris
The Los Angeles Times

My boss handed me a fortune cookie on my last day of work. "Ideas that may seem absurd ultimately lead to success," read the tiny slip of paper.

It was an omen for what was to come. Just days after cleaning out my desk, I began an around-the-world trip with my wife, Amber, and our 16-month-old daughter -- something that sounds crazy but turned out to be quite the opposite. After our daughter, Ediza, was born, I started getting the itch to travel, and Amber agreed that's what we should do -- although many people told us our days of freedom to travel were over.

[ Photo Gallery ]

We refused to accept that and began planning our cross-continent trek, which took us from hiking pristine mountains in New Zealand to running a marathon along the Great Wall of China to swimming in the turquoise waters of the Greek islands.

All with a baby.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

THREE Winners: Blog Makeovers from Pink Armchair Designs

Jenny from Pink Armchair Designs was so thrilled at the number of entries her giveaway recieved here on BBA last week, that she has added two more prizes.

Now, she is giving away ONE DELUXE AND TWO BASIC BLOG MAKEOVERS to three lucky winners who entered her giveaway!! And the three winners are...

  • Willo (comment #71) wins the Deluxe Blog Makeover. Willo said, "I love Amy's Adventure!"

  • Torinem (comment #48) wins one Basic Blog Makeover. Torinem said, "They are all beautiful! I like the Stopping to Smell the Roses one!"

  • Amy (comment #27) wins one Basic Blog Makeover. Amy said, "So many fun choices! But I love the look of the "Life with Emerson" one. Thanks for the great giveaway."
Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Jenny for giving away so much! Congrats to the three winners. I'll be emailing the three of you to let you know the next step to redeem your blog makeovers.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Octuplets' Mom Speaks Out on 'Today'

Blog Hopping: Six Reasons My Toddler is Kind of an A**hole

By Andrea

Since becoming a parent, I spend a great deal of time with my three-year-old. We're inseparable. But to be honest, even though she's my BFF, she's not the greatest friend. At one time or another all toddlers can be jerks -- adorable, cuddly, hilarious, jerks. Put simply, if I had to scale down my friend inventory she'd be the first to go, here's why:

She's extremely self-absorbed
You know the type, they never ask questions in conversation. Instead it's all about them. All day long it's: "I like pink!," "Watch me bounce on the bed", "I went poo in my pants!" Just once I'd like to hear her ask me what's MY favorite color or inquire if, perhaps, I went poo in MY pants.

She calls me in the middle of the night
Can you say needy? I mean I have to work WAY earlier than she does ... actually she doesn't even have a job. So I find it really irritating that anytime she needs a shoulder to cry on -- or more milk -- she has no compunction about waking me up, sometimes more than once a night. It's been going on for years. I like to be there for my friends, but this is ridiculous.

She's manic AND a control freak
Not a great combination. Her personality can change on a dime. One minute she's standing on a chair in full princess regalia happily singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," the next she's uncontrollably crying and hurling her tiara across the room because I brought her juice in the wrong sippy cup. I'm constantly walking on eggshells. It's like hanging out with a tiny alcoholic who swigs massive amounts of milk.

She's a slob
Ever have a friend who was a little lax in the hygiene department? Multiply that by a hundred. There are times when the kid reeks. But does she care? No way. I'm always the one who has to broach the bath subject. What's worse is she doesn't care if her hair is combed, her teeth brushed or her clothes are crusty with dried yogurt. Giving her friendly advice, like, "You only get one chance to make a first impression" falls on deaf ears.

She's a fair weather friend
She's the kind of friend that it's great when you're at the top of her list -- especially if you have candy -- but then she'll drop you like a hot Mr. Potato Head.

She's a mooch
It's galling. She's NEVER offered to pay or at least split the check when we go out to lunch. Even worse, we've been roommates ever since she was born and she's never once remembered to help with the rent.

Seriously, would you stay friends with someone like this?

Gap Casting Call: And The Winners Are...

After a nationwide search for the cutest kids and babies, gap narrowed the list down to twenty, then you picked the next faces of babyGap and GapKids. And the winners are...

Baby Girl - Jaci Rae ... Baby Boy - Caleb ... Girl - Jovana ... Boy - Kellen

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Octuplets' Mom Talks to NBC's Curry

Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets born last week in California, gave her first interview today to NBC News correspondent Ann Curry. The interview will air on Today and Dateline in coming days.

Suleman was released from the hospital early this morning, according to hospital officials. One of the Suleman's hastily hired publicists said she is staying at "an undisclosed location" while she considers offers including possible book and TV deals.

Blog Hopping: Two in the Tub

By Jenny Herman
BBA Contributor

Lily, Addie, and I were all settled into the bath last night. It was so relaxing and warm. I washed Addie's head and scrubbed it with oil and a toothbrush to remove some dry skin. Addie loves the bath and it is so fun to see her in there. She can't get enough.

As I was washing Lily's hair, we smelled something a little funny. Then we saw it, poop floating. The jets were on, so it was circulating fast. I lifted Lily out of the tub to Lawrence, she started to cry hard because she wasn't ready to get out. Lawrence handed her a soap crayon and put her in the shower. He grabbed Addie out and sat her on the potty (as if she would POSSIBLY have any left), no more. He put her down and let her run to the shower. She left two poopy footprints behind. He got her all wiped up with a towel. This was early in the process and we were already in about 5 towels.

We've been needing to weed out some questionably sanitary bath toys, so this was the perfect chance. EVERYTHING goes, every cup, pitcher and boat. We have some boats we bought at the dollar store in 2004 when our niece Jayme was visiting. Gone. I got out and our luxury hot bath turned to rushed luke warm shower quicker than a flash. Well, quicker than the time it takes to make a hot pocket in the microwave.

Lawr cleaned the tub, but now we need to run the jets with disinfectant in the tub to make sure nothing got sucked up. Oh gross.

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Baby Born with 12 Fingers and Toes

A baby boy was born in California with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot! The baby has a condition called "polydactyly" — a genetic trait that causes the appearance of extra fingers and toes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BBA Headlines

:: Newborn-Sized Toddler Baffles Doctors
The baby was born 14 months ago but is still the size of a newborn. Doctors are investigating a theory that her body has become resistant to its own growth hormones.

:: Study: Chimps Smarter than Infants
It appears they least in the first nine months of their lives.

:: Baby Safety Gates Recalled
100,000 "Safety First Smart Light" stair gates have hinges that can break and cause a fall.

:: Adoption Rumors
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are clearing up rumors that they plan to adopt a child this summer.

:: Another Baby for Brad and Angelina?
Lucky number seven may be on the way if you believe OK! magazine.

:: Tiger Woods Ready for Baby #2
With his new bundle of joy due in the spring, Tiger admits things will be hectic.

:: Bobby Brown, Girlfriend Expecting
Bobby Brown and his girlfriend Alicia Etheridge, dating since 2007, are expecting a baby together. The baby will join Brown's four other children from different relationships.

Blog Designer Spotlight: Banners by Lyndsay + GIVEAWAY!


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I am a graphic designer by trade, and a mother at heart. I have an MFA in Graphic Design, with over 8 years experience in the industry. When my son was born 2 years ago, I decided to take up the laptop and be a stay-at-home-mom/freelancer. Working from home is a wonderful way to give my family the attention they need, while continuing to develop my creativity and skills.

In the past 2 years I have enjoyed working for scrapbook company Glitz Design, and launching Banners By Lyndsay blog design. We are expecting another addition to our family—a baby girl in March! My personal blog is

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