Thursday, February 26, 2009

BBA Inbox - Designing Moms Blog & Baby Punk (20% Off)

We get lots of emails every day and can't feature everyone, but we would like to highlight some. Here are a couple that we'd like to share with the BBA community.

:: Designing Moms Blog - Cat designs a line of stationery products and invitations in San Francisco.

She is also expecting a little one soon and started a collective of designing moms from all areas...stationery, pastry, fashion, editorial, etc. They are all young moms or moms-to-be who have self-owned creative businesses. She wanted to start an informal "creative" support group for moms, so was formed. The moms in this blog are creative dynamos and they have such fun, creative ideas that they hope to share with everyone!

:: Baby Punk is a small online website dedicated to selling baby clothes. Although they sell a lot of punk-themed items, there are also many other styles of baby clothes including cute baby clothes, political baby clothes, funny baby clothes and many more. They are offering 20% off if you enter the code babyblogaddict. It will expire in February 2010.

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