Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Hopping: Pain

By Diana Stacey
BBA Contributor

So last night was a entertaining night at the Stacey household. It all started off right with both kids asleep by 11. Yes that is early at our house. I am bad at sleeping schedules. And just to get Davis asleep faster I had him on my bed. Anyway, I can never sleep when Scot is out of town so I was catching up on my soaps (Days and General), it was one in the morning and I heard a big BUMP and screaming. I went running into my room and found that Davis had fallen off my bed. And less than a week ago I put risers under my bed making it six inches higher.

Well I figured he just scared himself, but when I picked him up there was blood on my arm, hand and shirt. Then I started hyperventilating. Blood freaks me out! So at that point Sydney is screaming too because Davis's screams were so loud and that doesn't mix well with my emotions running high.

I called Scot and woke him up to have him help me calm down. He did great, and was able to help me assess the wound. We decided to ice it and watch it. Have you ever tried to ice anything on a three year old? It is impossible! So then I lost my temper trying to help him and gave up. It wasn't until 3:30 that I got them both back to sleep. Of course, they were both awake by 10....mumble mumble. So like my Mom said this morning, "It's a double coke day!" (or more!)

And no, my kids will not be sleeping in my bed again!

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