Friday, May 25, 2007

Toddler Activities

Melissa asked a great question on the forum: "...Does anyone have any suggestions for fun activities, centered around music, that I can do with my 2 year old at home? Suggestions not related to music are welcomed as well."

Here are a few music ideas I suggested:

1) Xylophone - Fill 3 or more drinking glass with different amounts of water. Gently tap each one with a wooden spoon. Ask him if the glasses with the most water sound the highest or the lowest. Get him to make up his own song by tapping different glasses.

2) Maracas - Buy toddler size maracas or you can make them. Put raw pasta, like macaroni, or beans in a 2-liter jug, milk jug or even a sippy cup.

3) Play music and let him dance around. Tell him when the music stops, he should stop and sit down. When it starts again, he should dance around again.

Non-music activity:
Gardening - Plant sunflower seeds with kids at the beginning of the summer and watch them grow. Take their picture with the growing sunflowers each week. Maybe even have the child hold a paper with the date and week of growth. By the end of summer, the sunflowers may grow to be taller than the kids.

Chime in with your own ideas for creative toddler activities.

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