Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dad's Accusation: Mom Is 'Hogging' Baby

Below is a question posed to Dr. Gail Saltz, a Today Show contributor, on

"We have a new baby, our first, and I find my husband is competing with me over the baby. He accuses me of “hogging” our daughter. I work nearby, so I am able to go home for lunch. When we go out, we fight about who gets to carry the baby. When she cries, he wants to hold her, which keeps her awake. I want to let her alone, so she will fall asleep. He also interferes with how I look after the baby. He doesn’t do diapers or any of the menial jobs like bathing or cleaning up. He says he gets to spend very little quality time with the baby, but doesn’t realize I am a working mother and feel the same way. I feel that I am being robbed of motherhood. My husband is in a bad mood much of the time, so it is hard to communicate. How can I rein in my growing annoyance about this?" — Mommy Nearest

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