Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Basket Ideas That Won’t Rot the Kids' Teeth

Easter is just a week and a half away and...OK, OK...I know I'm beginning to sound like an anti-sweets mom after my Valentine's Day ("Alternative to Sweets") post and now this Easter one. But I'm just offering alternatives to the same ole basket full of candy that you give and get everywhere you turn on holidays like Easter.

It’s true that filling an Easter basket with chocolate and candy are an easy way to commemorate the holiday but there are other ways to have a great Easter basket that your kids will love! Check out DotComWomen for a few ideas.

This was a picture of my son's Easter basket last year. He loved the "Little Bunny: Finger Puppet" book, the blue Crocs and his Superman pjs. You can also see a little bit of chocolate peeking out. He did get some M&Ms and a small chocolate bunny, but I think he liked the non-chocolate items best!

The alternative baskets are also a great idea for babies (who can't eat real food yet) and children who have food allergies. Have fun being creative!

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