Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Working Dads Don’t Need Support Groups

Women tend to rely on support from friends for lots of things in life and it seems that parenting is no different. Guys on the other hand...well, just click the link to this column to find out why working dads don't need support groups.

Here's an interesting point that stood out to me: A part of the piece with thoughts from RebelDad blogger Brian Reid seems to hit the nail on the head: “Dads, though, don’t always seek support for the simple reason they don’t feel the same parenting pressure as moms, Reid points out. While moms may feel a societal push to be perfect, dads often are praised for whatever they do, Reid suggests. That means dads feel less pressure to check the latest parenting book or Parent magazine for tips.”

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Bridget said...

That quote nails it on the head! My husband tends to respond to my parenting questions and reads by saying, "who cares what (it or she) said we know our daughter". And it's true... I look for help and assurance but he knows. We know our daughter and in the end she will be ok. It's not cookie cutter when it comes to discipline and care. Now if I could just remember that when she's throwing a fit in the middle of the library. ;)