Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Hopping: Toilet Fun

By Diana Stacey
BBA Contributor

Something happened tonight that is so funny and gross I just have to share it. We were having our "Game Night" like normal and when we do, Davis gets to play his games on the PlayStation while we play Rockband or Little Big Planet on the PS3.

Anyway, Davis is still going through the whole potty training thing. He just gets so busy doing something fun we have to make him stop and go potty. Well tonight was no different, so I sent him in to the bathroom to make sure he didn't have a accident. I peeked in on him because he was taking a little too long and what do you think I found?!? Well, I found Davis with his head IN THE TOILET! He actually had his head in the bowl and when I asked him what he was doing he rubbed his nose and I noticed it was wet. He had put his head so far in that his face got wet in the PEE WATER!!!!

What was my child doing you ask? Well the only thing I can figure is he was trying to blow the bubbles in the toliet to get rid of them (he loves bubbles). Now I feel like it isn't safe to leave him alone in the bathroom anymore! And yes I washed his face and hands REALLY, REALLY WELL!!!!! Oh the little thrills of being a parent!

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Cher said...

My son is 23 months and I am going to be potty training him soon. Right now he eats the toliet paper (yes I have found him too dunking it in clean toliet water and sucking it off the paper) and he uses his potty chair as a stepstool all around the house!

Baby Blog Addict said...

That is so disgusting, but hilarious for those of us who weren't there. Just when I think potty training was the most challenging part of parenting, I see that someone else probably had it worse. Thanks for sharing.