Monday, December 29, 2008

Is Blogging More Often (or Less) Part of Your New Year's Resolutions?

I came across this post, "Time Management for Bloggers with Babies" on BlogCoach and it got me thinking. Is blogging more often (or blogging less often) part of your New Year's resolutions?

I think I'll have to add "blogging more efficiently" to my own list. Where does the time go when blogging and blog hopping?

Let us know if blogging is part of your New Year's resolutions in the comments on this post. You may inspire fellow baby blog addicts or get inspiration for your own New Year's resolutions regarding blogging.


Bridget said...

Google reader is handy... but I cannot seem to get every blog I frequent up on mine. I just add the ones I like to check every day to every other day. Then I tend to upload photos while doing chores... I'll set it up to upload, fold some laundry or prep lunch/dinner.. then type (the typing is less time consuming... although I do have a tendency to go back and proofread and then change posts slightly later on). I really do post too much... but at this point, with grandparents SO far away, I think they rely on/look forward to the frequent updates. They worry if it's been days between posts. ; )

Laura Amy E. said...

My goal over the next year is to maintain my blogging pace, which is at least one post a week. I do hope I can fit in more than that, but I try not to pressure myself too much so that I can really enjoy it. And for me, that's the point of blogging! :)

beth ewing said...

i might be the exception but mine is less. well not less on my blog but less blog reading. after the year we've had, i just have other things to do. i'll still follow my fellow infertility girls on their blogs but that's probably it for 2009.