Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Blogger Spelling Test

Thank goodness we don't get graded on blog spelling. I consider myself to be pretty good at spelling and grammar, but I only scored an 87%. I just knew I would get a 100% until all of the options started to look right. Take the quiz for yourself, then post your results on your own blog or in the comments section here.

When in doubt you can always use spell check on your blog posts or turn to (Merriam-Webster's online dictionary), if you want to get an "A+" in blog spelling.


Bridget said...

87%... I'm thinking I missed the last two??? It should tell you.

Andy, Cherie, and Sarah said...

87%. I think I missed definately. I STILL don't know how to spell that word. My mother once complained to my sister that I had too many misspellings (sp?) on my blog (and it all started with the word definately), so now I purposely don't spellcheck at all, and sometimes, I even make purposeful mistakes!