Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Toddler Party Foods

Melissa needs some ideas on our forum and I'm sure the feedback will help all of us when we host kid-friendly parties.

She says... "My husband's coworkers are always hosting what I like to call "driveway" parties, and expect everyone (even those with little ones) to attend. The problem is that the parties are never kid friendly. They've planned another party, so I would like to provide some kid-friendly foods for the toddlers to enjoy. I mean, do they really expect a two year old to eat ribs and stuffed jalapenos? Does anyone have suggestions for great party food for toddlers? Also, any ideas for keeping them entertained and out of the street would be appreciated."

Help Melissa out on her post! Feel free to reply as a guest or register for our Baby Blog Addict forum to offer other suggestions or seek advice from other parents.

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