Sunday, August 12, 2007


We are nearing the end of summer, but I still wanted to post something about Crocs. They are the best shoes for kids. Jack has worn his light blue Crocs (size 6-7) all summer. They are so practical - easy to put on and durable for everyday, the pool, the beach, you name it. I also love the girls mary janes too, especially in cotton candy pink and celery. Check out all the options available for the whole family.


The Bickers Family said...

I just recently bought my daughter a pair and I LOVE THEM!!! She started walking about a month ago and she was having a difficult time walking in shoes but when she wears these she has no problems at all! Don't think they are really made for "walking shoes" but they really did the trick.. she can even walk in the grass!

hi my name is mommy said...

I Love Crocs for kids♥ I was just getting ready to post about how my son Mason has refused to take his new ones off for 4 days straight! They have stayed on through naptime, breakfast, lunch, dinner, trips out, and the shower! What other shoes in the world could survive that? Love them!!!

Baby Blog Addict said...

That's so cute. My son Jack loves to wear his too. He puts them on first thing in the morning when he's still wearing his pjs and cries when I take them off for naptime. In fact, he took a nap with one in each hand the other day.