Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Creative Baby Proofing

Worried about your baby or toddler trying to reach for the ornaments or pull down the Christmas tree?

Here are two ideas that might not be the prettiest, but they work.

1) Do you own a Superyard XT? Set it up around your Christmas tree and the presents. Our son didn't like to play in his much, but it was worth the investment when we used a it around our entertainment center when he was reaching at everything. At $64.99 at Babies R Us, it isn't cheap, but it might be worth it to keep your sanity throughout the holiday season and for safety's sake.

2) If you are not using your Pack n Play and you have a small Christmas tree, just reverse roles. Put the tree & presents in the pack n play and let your child play on the floor with the tree out of reach.


NIKKI said...

I also put a tree in the girls room the last two years so when they start messing with the main tree I tell them to go play with their tree! :)

debsf said...

we had to get one of these for my son, as nothing else seems to contain him - its the safest way to leave him when I pop out of the room

Baby Bedding said...

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