Friday, March 6, 2009

Purse Snatching at the Park

How many of you tuck your purse under your seat when you go to the park with your children?

Our playgroup recently met at a park that had two parking lots (one was out in the open, the other tucked away). While there, we were told by police that all of the cars in the hidden parking lot were broken into and the purses were snatched. They assumed the robber(s) came by foot and were already gone.

I've recently heard that the Spring is sort of an open season for purse snatching at parks. It is pretty obvious that most women don't bring their purse with them to the playground, so they must leave them in their cars, right? Even if you put your purse in the trunk (something that I am guilty of), someone watching might see you. All they have to do is break your window and pop your trunk to retrieve your purse.

The best thing to do is to have a small clutch (with your purse items) that you can throw into your diaper bag and hold it at the park or lock your valuables in your glove compartment.

Another thing to watch out for is setting your bag down at the park and not keeping an eye on it while you are playing with your kids. Just be aware and be overly cautious!


Diana and Fam said...

I am always trying to downsize with all the things I have to get out the door with. So I just put my wallet into the diaperbag anyway. It is so much easier!

beth ewing said...

this kind of scares me. i guess i always want to believe that i'm safe at the park or something. i'll be much more aware now.