Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Toddler's Art Sells Online

As is often the case with modern art, it has been said that Freddie Linsky's paintings look like they could have been created by a two-year old. In Freddie's case, it's true.

Freddie's mother posted her son's paintings on an art gallery web site that lets anyone exhibit and sell their works online. As an art critic and art teacher, she said she thought they were above average and wanted to see what others thought. Freddie sold his first painting last year and a gallery in Berlin expressed interest, but she will not reveal its name. Neither the buyer nor the gallery knew Freddie's age.

Freddie's profile on the gallery's site doesn't state his age, saying only that "the artist's whole life has been dedicated to his art" and that he is an art critic and a familiar face at press viewings at major galleries and exhibitions in London. Both of those facts are true, just not exactly as they seem.

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