Monday, January 26, 2009

OCTUPLETS born in California

A woman gave birth to eight babies in Southern California on Monday, the world's second live-born set of octuplets.

The babies, delivered within five minutes, were born Monday were "doing quite well," according to the hospital. The hospital says the mother gave birth to six girls and two boys weighing between 1.8 pounds and 3.4 pounds.

The first live-born octuplets were born in Houston in 1998, and one baby died about a week later. The surviving siblings — girls Ebuka, Gorom, Chidi, Chima and Echerem, and their brothers Ikem and Jioke — celebrated their 10th birthday in December.

Click here for video from KCAL in Los Angeles.

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beth ewing said...

all i can say is wow! and i hope people leave them alone as it seems they don't want publicity.