Thursday, January 29, 2009

Octuplets News

How about this revelation about the Octuplets' mom: On CBS's The Early Show this morning, an acquaintance who didn't want to be identified told national correspondent Hattie Kauffman the mom has four older boys and two girls.

"She is young," the acquaintance says, "fairly young. She has six children already. And in those six children, she has a set of twins."


Anonymous said...

What would I do without your website? I love it! It keeps me in the know with all baby news! Thanks you! Erika in MS

Baby Blog Addict said...

Thanks for the note, Erika. Glad we can fulfill your need for interesting baby news!

Bridget said...

and the story gets more and more twisted.

on one hand, I think even single people should be allowed the right of parenthood... but you have to be responsible. this article quotes the mom of the woman as saying she spoke to a psychiatrist about the woman's obsession with children.

so many ethical questions.