Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Favorite Baby Shower Gifts According to BBA Readers - Part 1

A few weeks ago we asked you to share your favorite baby shower gifts. If you are reading this so you can buy the perfect gift, you will probably get even more confused now. Should you take the advice of the Honeycutt family who said, "stick to the registry"; Danielle who said, "a maternity massage" for the mommy-to-be; or Karen who said, "the Ultimate Crib Sheet"?

Here are some favorite baby shower gifts according to our BBA readers. We'll post the rest of the list tomorrow:

1. A tie between our baby bjorn and our stroller for most used (for both babies). A favorite was a handmade star book of nursery rhymes. -Bridget

2. I loved anything monogrammed. My most pratical gift was a HUGE crock pot at one of my baby showers! -Nikki

3. My best advice is to STICK TO THEIR REGISTRY! I liked a few of the unique items I got, but I really NEEDED bottles, blankets, pacifiers, sheets, etc.! I didn't need a cute baby frame.:) -Honeycutt Family

4. My favorite gift was The Ultimate Crib Sheet. It lays on top of your mattress and secures on to the rails of the baby crib. If your baby spits up in the middle of the night, it takes ten seconds to fix the situation. -Karen (I agree with Karen. In fact, I once featured the Ultimate Crib Sheet on BBA).

5. Oh, but for a good friend, I think a maternity massage is a great gift. You know you'll get something for the baby when (s)he arrives, and mom will definitely appreciate the massage. I loved mine! -Danielle

6. I usually try and tie in a cute item with a registery item. I've done closet totes (Target for cheap in the closet organizer section) with bath necessities. I've also put together a basket with bottles for baby and bottles of wine for mom. I personally loved my diaper caddy (pottery barn) that was stocked with newborn diapers, diaper cream, wipes, etc. -Aimee

Check out Favorite Baby Shower Gifts Part II here. Thanks for the great ideas!

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