Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mother's Day Spa Outing

Mother's Day is five weeks away, but it's not too early to let your husband and kids know what you want. How about a relaxing day at the spa with your girlfriends?

My girlfriends and I are planning a girls' spa day on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. We've reserved Sunday for our families, but on Saturday, it's just the girls. We're each on our own scheduling our appointment(s) for that day. We'll have lunch together at the spa cafe' at noon and then hang out in the spa either before, after or all day.

Did I mention it's at the Ritz? A spa day at the Ritz-Carlton sounds indulgent, right? Well that depends on what we get. Sure we can each spend up to $500 for a spa day package, but we can also get away with a $40 manicure that gives us complimentary use of the rest of the spa facility all day long (sauna, whirlpools, relaxation rooms, etc.), making it a luxurious yet reasonable Mother's Day gift.

Do you have any Mother's Day gift ideas to share? Let us know in the comments.

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