Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More U.S. Retailers Give BPA The Boot

Toys 'R' Us announced today that it will phase out bottles and other "baby feeding products" containing BPA by the end of the year. Wal-Mart last week said that it will stop selling baby bottles made with BPA by early next year.

Stanford University pediatrician Alan Greene, author of Raising Baby Green, encourages parents to reduce their children's exposure to BPA. "I wouldn't use it for my children," says Greene, a father of four.

Greene says parents can avoid BPA by choosing glass bottles or shunning plastics labeled with a number 7 recycling code. Some bottles, such as BornFree, Medela and Adiri, are now marketed as BPA-free. Greene notes that BPA is found in a number of products, including the linings of formula cans. Because BPA may be less likely to leach into dry products, powdered formula could be a safer choice than liquid, he says.


liz said...

Canada banned BPA all together. I think that it was the right choice. I agree with retailers banning it as well. The dangers are overwhelming.

Mary said...

It is so sad that nothing is safe anymore. I have never even heard of this...thanks for the post. You post did not mention what it is or what it does...I am going to have to research this...Is it all plastic baby bottles or sippy cups? So scary..each day baby products get recalled...