Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"What To Expect" Gets a Makeover

It's 2008 and you are pregnant. Who do you relate to more - the girl on the left who hasn't lost her sense of style or confidence or the one on the right in the rocking chair? Obviously, the version on the left is a much better representation of pregnant women today. I actually can't believe the third edition with the woman in the rocking chair was published in 2002. I even remember thinking that it looked like it was from the 70's when I read it during my own pregnancy in 2005.

America's best-known pregnancy advice book, "What to Expect When You're Expecting", has undergone a makeover on the front cover and on the inside. Check out this article to see what has changed in the 4th Edition. Here's a hint: you might be relieved to know that the newer version is "more reassuring, more positive, more empathetic than ever". They've also moved "a lot of the scary stuff" to a back section.


Andria said...

I read half-way through that book when I was pregnant, and put it away. It just didn't do it for me. I much preferred the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy. I have to admit though- the updated version looks a lot better!

Honeycutt Family said...

My mom gave me this book and it was ok, but I preferred "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" which was just updated too. I liked knowing what was going on each WEEK, not just every MONTH.
"The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" is awesome too--it just tells it like it is! :)

Jenny said...

I agree, it looks much better now!

As honeycutt family said, I also read "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" and that was a big help.

Bridget said...

After two babies, I feel like the woman on the right. lol.

I loaned this one from a friend but barely looked at it. I enjoyed The Pregnancy Bible. It had a chart for changes in the woman each week... and then a few pages that talked about the babies growth and showed pics. Then it was broken up into sections regarding various topics (nutrition, exercise, care of the newborn, etc). It was just a really good reference and a very easy read.

Lisa411 said...

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