Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Favorite Baby Shower Gifts - Part II

Here's the second half of baby shower gift suggestions that your fellow Baby Blog Addicts submitted. Yesterday we posed the question, Should you take the advice of the Honeycutt family who said, "stick to the registry"; Danielle who said, "a maternity massage" for the mommy-to-be; or Karen who said, "the Ultimate Crib Sheet"?

I think it really depends on the recipient. If they have a large family and lots of friends who will give them practical, then go for pampering for mom. If not, you may want to stick with practical and the registry.

Here's the rest of the list:

7. I just had my baby shower last week and received the most unique gift - a custom made canopy for the bugaboo I had purchased...The company is called bonnebonnets...they have other very cool patterns and prints. Definitely the best baby gift so far! - Brooke

8. Ditto the massage .. or better yet, FOOD! I found a take out service who went to a number of restaurants in my friend's area and would deliver them to her house. Nothin' like a gift certificate for food. - Anonymous

9. A good friend gave me a gift card to our favorite take-out place nearby-- so after my mom left and the frozen food I'd stocked-up was gone, my husband could run by on the way home and pick up dinner. Since she doesn't live nearby and couldn't bring dinner over herself, this was a great idea." -Anonymous

10. Hi! I'm French and we don't have baby showers here. Usually people give you presents after the birth of the baby wich is great too, but you never get to make a list though. So usually you end up with far too many three months clothes and none in one year, but honestly, the cutest thing I had was that someone bought me (!) a present, not to the baby. That was so cute! - Matilou

11. Shameless plug for my new online boutique. Check out Jackaroos Boutique for personalized baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths and loveys...great shower gifts!


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