Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BBA Headlines

:: Treating a Baby's Fever
Pediatricians often need to reassure parents when their toddler or preschooler has a high fever. Newborns don’t handle infection very well. Their immature immune systems leave them vulnerable to severe infections that can rage out of control. So if fever occurs in a very young baby, the advice to parents is always to call the doctor right away.

:: Milestone Birth
The 100,000th baby was born Tuesday at The Women's Hospital of Greensboro.

:: Victoria's Secret Model Talks About Post-Baby Life
New mom Alessandra Ambrosio gives the scoop on her new body, how she stays in shape, and upcoming wedding plans.

:: Unique Baby Shower
Rather than presenting typical baby shower gifts like bottles and diapers, guests will buy tickets to the event and will be treated to an intimate, world class concert featuring top music artists. The proceeds from the event will be donated to help feed, clothe and care for orphans in Ethiopia.

:: Kidman Stressed About Leaving Baby Daughter
Nicole Kidman has spent her first whole day away from baby Sunday Rose and admits the experience left her "reeling."

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