Thursday, November 13, 2008

Name the Baby

A columnist for TIME magazine wants your help naming his baby. Here's an excerpt:

"As a pretentious, self-important yuppie hipster, I thought it was a great idea to pay a baby-name consultant, an occupation created just a year ago. For $35, I got 12 name suggestions from Jennifer Moss at that included four names we were already considering: Elijah, Jude, Dashiell and Edison, which is particularly weird because we totally made up the name Edison, since it's the town I'm from in New Jersey. My main concern with these is that they'll all get my son beaten up. But Moss said, "When we've done our surveys, people say, 'I was teased about being Anna.' Kids will tease about anything if they don't like you. Don't worry about it. Unless it rhymes with a body part." Which, sadly, ruled out my favorite choice: Smesticles Stein."

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Bridget said...

and Edison was listed as best place to raise a child in NJ.