Monday, November 24, 2008

Website Spotlight: Safety Caps

Ever think about your child suffocating on an outlet cover? That was almost a terrible reality for George Decell. A few years ago his daughter found a standard-sized outlet safety plug on the edge of the table.

"She put the device into her mouth, it lodged in her throat and she nearly suffocated," Decell told BBA in an e-mail. "I invented SafetyCaps to ensure that this would not happen to another child."

Decell says SafetyCaps are wider and ventilated using U.S. pacifier anti-choking regulations.

"To date, more than 40 hospitals have written to the CPSC asking them to regulate these devices," Decell said. "The CPSC said that not enough kids have been hurt by these devices so the aren't willing to regulate them. Would you rather have a reactive CPSC or a proactive CPSC?"

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