Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pregnant Pregnant Again

Thomas Beatie, the former Hawaiian beauty queen who became a man, caused a worldwide clamor when the transgendered male gave birth to his own daughter in June. Now, he's announced he's pregnant with his second child, due on June 12.

In an upcoming interview with Barbara Walters in a special on ABC, Beatie says that after the birth of his daughter on June 24, he didn't resume male hormone treatment so he could get pregnant again. His wife is unable to conceive a child because she had a hysterectomy. Beatie's story will air Friday. Walters highlighted the interview on her daytime chat show, "The View," today.

"I feel good," Beatie told Walters. "I had my checkups with my hormone level. ... And everything is right on track." (Los Angeles Times)


beth ewing said...

i just don't even know where to start with this and i won't get on my soapbox about how she is NOT a man.

Bridget said...

lol. My husband is so funny. He's like, "what's so shocking? he has a uterus? why is this news worthy?"

Sheryl said...

I don't understand why it's new worthy either. He has woman party, woman parts = baby. That's been happening for a long time.

If she wants to be a man, fine, go for it, but it's a trans-gender person (who hasn't been transitioned) who is having a baby.