Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Announce Baby's Arrival in a 'Snappy' Way

By Marisa Lufkin
BBA Contributor

Girl delivers baby. Guy calls every friend and family member to announce the news. Pretty typical. But in this technologically advanced age where your coffee maker automatically brews your morning cup of joe and your car can parallel park itself, why not have a computer announce the arrival of your bundle of joy?

It might seem absurd. At first glance, I thought it was too. When I came out of my post c-section, drug-induced fog, I wondered where my husband was and why he wasn't waiting for me in the hospital room. He wasn't with me because he was dialing the phone, announcing the good news and repeating ad nauseam. In fact, he was so tired of talking, he barely uttered two words to me when he arrived. Add to that, we were shocked to hear that a few friends and family members were hurt when they weren't the "first to know."

Interested in a service that can do this job for you? Enter Snappy. With packages starting at $9.99, your hubby can record his own message which is then forwarded to up to 20 phone numbers. Included in the package is a keepsake CD with your announcement set to music plus and an email of your recording that can forward to friends and family members.
The pony express replaced carrier pigeons. Phone calls replaced telegrams. Who could have predicted that pre-recorded messages and e-blasts would be next. Not me!

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