Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby's Bliss Gripe Water Recalled

FDA Warning: Baby's Bliss Gripe Water May Be Contaminated. This product is marketed as a remedy for "colic, hiccups, and teething." The FDA said that bottles of Baby's Bliss Gripe Water might be contaminated with a parasite that causes severe diarrhea.

Suspected contaminated products carry the code "26952V" with an expiration date of October 2008 (shown as "10/08") on the label, according to the press release. Consumers should dispose of the unopened bottles of the product immediately, the FDA said.


beth ewing said...

yikes! has anyone actually used this (the uncontaminated ones) on their kids. i've seen it around but i was wondering if it really works.

Jennifer Walker said...

I've also heard of it, but never used it.

NIKKI said...

We used it daily for quite some time. I wouldn't have made it through my twins first6 months without it. Amelia had colic and would SCREAM her head off for at least 5 hours every night until we found Gripe water. I would suggest it and do to ANYONE who has a child with colic. It was a miracle for us!!! :)