Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bumbo Under Government Investigation

If you have a child under two years old, you probably own a Bumbo or know someone who does. This investigation may encourage you to change the way you use your Bumbo to ensure your baby's safety. It's definitely worth checking out the story.


The Bickers Family said...

Good article! I never got one for my daughter simply because I really didn't see the point... but I know lots of people who do have them and I will be spreading the word. Thanks!

Bridget said...

Oh our daughter hated her's. She's arch her back to get out after just a minute. She's prefer to sit on the floor holding our hands even at 4 months. I never thought to use it on a table though... I had always heard not to put the carseat or bouncer up high... so don't know why the bumbo would be any different. Of course, I've never seen their advertising either... that's pretty scammy to advertise that way then in fine print say not for raised surfaces. eek

beth ewing said...

i don't have a bumbo but i do have a bebe pod seat (same thing just a different maker). miller enjoyed being able to sit up before he was actually able to sit up. once he could sit on his own he didn't really enjoy it. my only problem with this article is that at some point common sense has to kick in. if you're going to put your kid in this chair on the counter, don't you think you should stay within arms reach. you can see that a baby could easily wiggle out or lean backwards (unlike in a high chair where they are strapped in). i'm just saying that some people probably use this chair as a babysitter so they can go do other things and then get upset when the child figures out how to get out of it. just a thought.

The Krumwiede Six said...

We had Bumbos for our twins and loved them. While I can see on the concern because of them being placed on high surfaces etc, I just don't 'understand' why some one would put it on a high surface? I mean 'anything' can happen... Even when we had our girls in the chairs on the floor of our living room I had pillows on the floor around them...but that is just me.

Hopefully this will make people more aware of the possiblity of a problem, but it won't stop me from using mine with baby #4.

Common sense people...common sense.