Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No One Needs Thousands of Baby Photos

Here's a link to a really interesting column and one that speaks to so many of us baby bloggers, including me. Here are some snippets:

You see this all the time. People at the zoo, at ball games, at parks and concerts and parties and restaurants, everywhere really -- and they spend more time setting up photos and taking photos and checking out the images of the photos than living in the moment.

Go through an "old" photo album from as recently as 10 or 15 years ago, and most if not all of the pictures are commemorating special events...Now we take pictures of EVERYTHING...In a way that's kinda neat...Sometimes our best memories are centered on some simple moment that meant the world to us.

Even if you have the most adorable baby in the universe -- and I'm sure you DO have the most adorable baby in the universe -- you do not need 6,500 photos of that child's first nine months of existence. Put the camera down. Live the moment. And learn to trust your memories.


The Bickers Family said...

WOW this really hit home! I am one of those people and my husband is always telling me to "live in the moment" BUT in my defense, I must say that I really enjoy taking photos and I don't feel like I'm "missing" anything... I didn't have a whole lot of photos as a child and I really think my daughter will appreciate it one day when she's older. I could learn to put the camera down but we all know as soon as you do, the best things happen!

Bridget said...

Sounds like my husband wrote this. ;)