Thursday, September 20, 2007

WIN a DVD from Baby Blog Addict

We're giving away TEN copies of the new Phonics 4 Babies: Baby’s First Words DVD.

Send your name, mailing address and your Best Parenting Tip to We'll compile a Top 10 list from your entries. If your tip makes it into the top 10, you win a DVD. It's that easy.

The contest ends October 17th, so send in your entries over the next month. Feel free to send in as many parenting tips as you'd like, but you can only make the Top 10 list once and only win one DVD per address.

About the Phonics 4 Babies DVD:

Join Mallory Lewis as she introduces your child to the first 300 key words and phrases which will be a springboard for all speech. Your child will have fun with Giggles and the rest of the Tummy Tots in a magical world full of playful puppets, sing-along songs and phonics fun as they learn new words including “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Please” and “Thank You”.

Developed in Association with prominent clinical advisors from UCLA, speech pathologists and child educators, “Phonics 4 Babies” is designed specifically to engage babies and toddlers in early speech skills. It’s unique blend of music and entertainment will introduce your child to vowel and consonant formation, letter and shape identification, counting games, basic manners and more that will unlock their imagination like never before.

Watch a clippet of "Please and Thank You" from the DVD.


The Bickers Family said...

HI, I tried to send in my parenting tip to the address given and it keeps sending it back to me. I have tried both my yahoo and aol accounts and neither of them work. Is there another address I could send it to?

Baby Blog Addict said...

Hi Laura (and everyone else).

You are right. The editor email address was not working, so I changed the entry address to

Thanks for letting us know and try again.