Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so much fun because you get to dress your little ones in costume. Our son Jack was only two weeks old for his first Halloween and he was a Chili Pepper. To this day, he is still known as a "Little Chili Pepper" to some.

There are so many costume options out there. You may even want to go with a theme for the whole family. Here are some sites with cute costumes:

Once you decide on a costume, google it so you can find the best online deal. You may be able to get a better deal than the site you found it on or it may come in different styles and in a different thickness that would work better for your climate. Don't forget to check the shipping charges too. Sometimes a website offers a better price on the costume, but the shipping is outrageous; but some sites offer free shipping.

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Bridget said...

Love babystyle and one step ahead! For us it's perfect b/c we do need the warmer costumes. Also check out Amazon.com... I've found some babystyle and other brands on there for cheaper. Also, ebay isn't a bad stop... for a costume worn only once and maybe 1/2 the price. Not bad. A friend of mine does this every year.