Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ann Taylor Loft Maternity

Ann Taylor Loft is my favorite store. So imagine my surprise today when I got an email from them saying, "Loft Maternity is Here!" Their maternity line is so cute. I was ready to spend a couple hundred dollars. Then I realized, I don't need maternity clothes...I'm not even pregnant!

Loft Maternity is available in a few of their stores around the U.S. and it's available online. Just enter code MATERNITY from June 11-30 to receive free standard shipping on your entire order with any maternity purchase.


Adrienne and Kyle said...

I got the same email! I love the Loft, and I'm so excited to see this. I don't need maternity now, but when I do, I can't wait to shop there!!

Melissa Overstreet said...

Oh, I wish I were pregnant!

I hope my husband doesn't see this comment. He'd probably pass out at the thought of me being pregnant again. Afterall, my youngest will only be 6 months old tomorrow.

Andy, Cherie, and Sarah said...

Yippee! What a perfect reason to buy some new clothes!

Bridget said...

I am so excited! I had heard the rumor a few months ago and thought it wasn't starting up until the end of the summer. Ad will die... I don't really need any more maternity clothes... but I just love ATL! I miss having one close by!