Thursday, June 21, 2007

Children's Books

I buy lots of children's books and like to find good deals. Jack usually gets a board book for each holiday (Easter, Valentine's Day, Father's Day) and lots of others in between. Recently he wouldn't let go of the Baby Einstein Dogs mini-board book at the library, and I found more that size at a discount store (Hudson's Salvage) for 20 cents each!

I also love to give books as birthday gifts, especially box sets of board books. I try to stock up, so I have them on hand when we get invitations. I've found some great discounted box sets at Tuesday Morning. Four board books in a handy carry case that kids love - retail $18.99, but TM sells for $4.99

Another good place to check for books is They have the Sandra Boynton sets, retail for $21.95; overstock price $14.18. Their basic shipping is a flat $2.95, but make sure to sign up for their email specials. They often offer free shipping.

I haven't tried second-hand book stores or ebay yet, but those might be my next stops. If you have any other great ideas for inexpensive books, let us know on the forum.


Bridget said...

So funny to read this! I just posted about Libby's favorite this week and some of our favorite books! lol. We love our books too! We actually joined the Children's Book of the Month club and buy a few here and there... and then signed up at our local Pages For All Ages and get discounts periodically. Another place to check out is your local library.. both here and in Ithaca the local library systems would have book sales called "Friends of the Library". We could find great books for really cheap.

Jennifer Walker said...

Our library had a book sale too, but we missed it. I'm going to have to look out for their next one.