Saturday, June 16, 2007

Picky Eater: The Sneaky Chef - Part 2

A couple of days ago, I gave you the recipe for Triple Stuffed Potatoes from The Sneaky Chef cookbook. Now for dessert. How about Store-Bought Chocolate Pudding with Green Juice (yep, that's spinach)?
Make-Ahead Recipe #5: Green Juice
3 cups raw baby spinach leaves (or 2 cups frozen chopped spinach, or frozen chopped collard greens)
1 cup water

If using raw spinach, thoroughly wash it, even if package says "prewashed." Bring spinach or collards and water to boil in a medium pot. Turn heat to low and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

Pour into a fine mesh strainer over a container or bowl, pressing the green "pulp" with the back of a spoon until all the liquid is released.

The liquid released makes about 1 cup of Green juice. Double the recipe if you want to store another cup of juice. Store in refrigerator up to 3 days, or freeze 1/4 cup portions in sealed plastic bags or small plastic containers.
Chocolate Pudding

1 Tablespoon Green Juice (see make-ahead recipe above) per 1/4 cup of chocolate pudding
Store-bought Chocolate Pudding (pre-made in containers or from a box)

This looks very strange at first, but keep mixing and the green will completely disappear into the brown color of the pudding.

Jack ate the chocolate pudding (rich in vitamins A, K, C, manganese, folate and iron) with no problem! He loves pudding and obviously could not tell the difference. I can honestly say that I didn't taste the spinach in it either. Although it is a little hard to swallow when you know there is spinach juice in your chocolate pudding.

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