Wednesday, June 27, 2007

80s Toys Your Child Will Enjoy

I love best of the 80s lists (toys, music, television shows), because they bring me back to my childhood. Do you ever feel like you want to buy the wooden 80s version of a toy (with no bells and whistles) rather than the new plastic one from 2007 for your child? Here's a list of the Top Ten 80s toys that your child (and probably you too) will enjoy.

1. Cabbage Patch Kids
2. Colorforms
3. Etch-a-Sketch
4. Hot Wheels
5. Legos and Duplos
6. Lite Brite
7. Sit 'N Spin
8. Radio Flyer Wagon
9. Tonka Trucks
10. Slinky

This list is from I'm sure you can think of a few more. How about Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, Popples, Pound Puppies and the Rubik's Cube...? Share your favorite 80s toys in the comments section.


NIKKI said...

Brian says...HeMan and Legos.
I loved smurfs!!!!

akavila said...

Did anyone have "Glamour Gals"? Perhaps I'm aging myself.

Bridget said...

Libby loves her Cabbage Patch Newborn... some of the CPKs are a little weird now (funky hair colors).
My Little Pony stuff is big with the little girls too! I used to have a ton of those and Care Bears.

Debbie said...

Nothing like the 80's. I absolutley loved my slinky. I remember spending hours on the stairs. I thought it was the cats meow! Better start hunting for those things now for Olivia. Gets the creative juices flowing!

(Olivia's lucky mom)