Friday, June 15, 2007

Pee-Pee Teepee

I had heard about the Pee-pee Teepee when Jack was a baby and could have used it a few times, but never had one. This is such a cute shower gift for anyone having a baby boy and is likely to get a good laugh out of everyone there.

Here's the Pee-pee Teepee Poem:

Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory;
Changing a baby boy is an even bigger horror story.
You hold his feet in one hand, and the diaper in the other;
The whole time praying, "Please don't pee on your mother!"


Adrienne and Kyle said...

HA! That poem is cute. We got a lil squirt pee pee cover from one step ahead, not the teepee. It would get a good laugh whenever we pulled it out!

Sumer said...

I happened to get these at my shower and actually did use them a couple of times...although they were never handy when we actually needed them! They did come in handy. Now Babies R Us has pee-pee Teepees that are in the shape of football cups. They are pretty funny!

beth ewing said...

i cannot tell you how many times my son peed on me, my mother, my husband, some poor unsuspecting nurse or in the glass weigh thing for babies. i wish i'd known about these. hehe!

Melissa said...

All I have to say is we have three boys...
I wish I had know about these!