Thursday, July 5, 2007

Appearance of Baby Teeth

According to, many parents worry about the timing of the appearance of their children's teeth. While the average time for the appearance of the first teeth is between five and seven months of age, there is a wide normal variation of timing. The teeth might come in as early as one month of age, or they might wait until a child is almost one-and-a-half-years old.

The following chart outlines the normal ranges for teeth to erupt:

Looks like our 20-month-old son Jack is right on target with his central and later incisors, cuspids and first molars. Can't wait for his second molars to come in. I'm sure those are lots of fun.

To discuss appearance of teeth or other baby and toddler milestones, go to the Milestones section on our forum.


NIKKI said...

This is sooo true. One of my twins got her first tooth around 5 months, and the other didn't get her first until 13 months!!!! We've been teething over here FOREVER!!!

beth ewing said...

miller didn't get his first until right at a year. he still only has the 2 at 13 months now but another is coming in. we'll probably be behind the curve on most of those. i've heard the later the better but i'm not so sure about that.

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