Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nursery: Family Pictures

When planning our baby's nursery, I collected baby photos from all of our family members. I scanned them and turned them into black and white prints. I left the top middle open for the baby's first picture and put mommy and daddy's baby pics on the sides. The bottom left frame includes my family and the bottom right, my husband's family.

It was such a great way to see who Jack looked like when he came along. He still loves looking at all of the pictures and letting me point out who is who.

Here's a tip for hanging the J-A-C-K letters and the bow. I used velcro circles to stick the letters and the bow to the wall. It was much easier than nails and allowed me to tilt them. The C has fallen a couple of times over the past year, but I'd still do it this way again.

My baby picture...Jack's baby picture...Scott's baby picture


Bridget said...

We used velcro for Libby's letters too (we spelled out "Sweet Dreams" abover her crib. They haven't fallen at all (I shouldn't type this) and have been up for over a year. Now what the wall will look like after we take them down??? eek.

The Bickers Family said...

Awesome! I love it!! I'm a huge black and white photo fan!

NIKKI said...

LOVE it!!!!!! You know I LOVE anything to do with photos!! Very cute idea for a nursery!!!

steele family said...

so cute

Joy said...

I just re-did my youngest daughter's room to make it more feminine and girly. And I bought her letters from Hobby Lobby to spell ABIGAIL LYNN.

I've been wondering how to hang them and so I'm grateful to have found your tip about the velcro! However, we do have plaster walls and I don't know what it would do to them, but it's work a shot because the nail holes in the back of the letters are insane!