Sunday, July 8, 2007

Website Spotlight: Murray Crew QUADS!

Another multiples blog (the most addictive kind) to fuel your baby blog addiction. Actually two blogs for one family:

  • - Launched when all FOUR BOYS came home and chronicles the first few crazy months.

  • - The Murray's pregnancy blog with the whole story of the triplets...nope there's another one that we's Quads!

According to Mom Jennifer, the Murray Crew has been enjoying our Baby Blog Addict site. They are quads from Indiana and admitted baby blog addicts. Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac were born to Jennifer and Brad on February 2, 2007 making them 5 months old.

Isaac, Brooks, Henry and Clark


NIKKI said...

Love those multiple blogs!!! I can't wait to read it beginning to end!!!! These quad pgs make mine look like a breeze!! :)

beth ewing said...

how in the world do their parents tell them apart?