Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Website Spotlight: Lucky Baby Wear

I've seen lots of baby slings, but so many of them are made with not-so-cute fabric. Well, how cute are these! I came across them on a friend's baby blog and knew that I had to spotlight Lucky Baby Wear.

Parents usually turn to "baby wearing" for convenience, but did you know that another great benefit of wearing your child in a sling is that they can actually grow to be more independent children? Because you are more in tune with their needs and are more apt to take care of their needs quickly when they are held close to you, children who are worn in slings are more secure with their environment and thus more independent.

Tidbits from Lucky Baby owner, Candice: "We donate to children's charities; we hire moms who work from home; our slings are made in the U.S.; and we have a new padded sling coming out that's revolutionary."


beth ewing said...

i wonder how secure it feels. i had the one that wraps 5 different ways but i always felt like my son was going to fall out. so i'm looking for a good sling for whenever we have another baby. thanks!

Bridget said...

Those are cute! I haven't had luck with the non-adjustable slings... I tried the hotsling and couldn't figure out which size I was (was in between). I'm looking at the ring adjustable ones... I like Ella Roo (which I've heard great things about ) and I found a brand on amazon that was cheaper and had some really cute patterns too. I cannot remember the brand? Haven't decided yet on which.. but the ella roo brand has the wraps, ring slings and I believe also pocket slings. All super cute patterns. And everyone I know loves the brand.

steele family said...

I have used the Maya sling for my babies and we all love it. But those pictured above are really cute!

The Brandes Family said...

I LOVED my Zolowear sling (www.zolowear.com). It was wonderful and very fashionable. It came in handy for my fussy little one! I got my on sale as a "second;" I could barely find anything wrong with it and it was much cheaper than normal. These are really cute too!