Monday, January 28, 2008

Gap Casting Call Winners

Gap has finally announced the winners of its annual casting call that generated 800,000 entries.

Congratulations to this year's winners! You can tell they are cute kids with cute personalities. Check out the video reveal on today's Rachael Ray show.

Jaron, 7 years old from Beaumont, TX
Kenadi, 3 years old from Dakota Dunes, SD
Samantha, 7 years old from Clayton, NC
Parker, 2 years old from St. Cloud, MN


Anonymous said...

omg i am trying to win this year in 2008 and I hope i win! the 20 finalists will be announced in december and its only october! but yeah i hope i am like one of those kids even though im not seven.

Kicken Chicken said...

Sorry, but my little girl is going to win. You haven't got a chance against her. lol

Good luck though!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid i'll be close might even win good luck to you both