Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Unique" Changing Table

Check out this ad on Craig's List for a "unique changing table with bath tub built in for $20". I'm posting the ad here in case it's deleted before you get to see it, because it's definitely worth seeing.

The seller says..."this is a pretty nifty bath tub. it has a changing table on the top decorated with bears but when u open the lid it's a bath tub on the inside. has a hose on the side for easy draining. has storage cubes in the front to hold all your soaps, rags and lotions. has storage underneath for diapers, towels or whatever essentials you need for your baby. The top is padded and it folds up for easy storage. I used it one time but my 1 month old son hates it...he likes the sink getting sprayed with the hose :) as soon as i sell this i will delete the ad. thank you for looking."

Here are my thoughts. Does this look like something out of the 70's or what? There's a "hose on the side for easy draining"...easy draining into what? A bucket? Or do you set it up next to a sink or bathtub...then what's the point? Have you ever seen anything like this?

Feel free to send any funny or ridiculous baby ads our way. We'd love to post more.

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Audrey said...

Too funny. My brother was a kid in teh 70's and I don't recall ever seeing anything like this in the old family photo. What a crack up.