Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The past year has been amazing. We launched BabyBlogAddict.com with this post in May (logging 360 posts in 7 1/2 months), moved our family to Florida in August and watched our son turn two in October, and we've managed to chronicle it all on our personal Baby Blog (logging 253 posts on our own baby blog in 2007).

We've had the pleasure of following so many pregnancies, which turned into births announcements, which turned into baby milestones throughout the year...all because BABY BLOGS exist. I'm sure I added another 30+ baby blogs to my favorites list throughout the year. How about you?

Here's to another year of following the lives of family, friends and strangers (a.k.a. "blog friends") on Baby Blogs...and to another year of parenting advice, blog tips, humor, headlines and reader interaction on BabyBlogAddict.com.

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beth ewing said...

and we all really appreciate what you do. thanks! and happy new year.