Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They Told You What?!?! - Part 1

A few days ago, we asked for the strangest or worst things people told you while you were pregnant...and you responded. There are some brutal people out there!

I would venture to say that our readers are smarter and more sensitive than the people on the other side of these stories. Everyone reading this should make a mental note NEVER to say any of these things to a pregnant woman.

Here are some of the most shocking:

  • I heard A LOT of them when we told people that we were pregnant with quadruplets but THE WORST was when I told a lady at my work and she replied, "Guess that shows you what to pray for!" and then she walked away. Believe it or not, I can laugh about it now. - Jen (Mom of the Murray Crew Quads)

  • My due date was August 6th, so I was pregnant in a hot, Louisiana summer. When I went to drop off some dry cleaning, the lady at the counter asked how I was doing. When I responded with, "Feeling good, just really hot" she told me that I should have thought about that before I got pregnant. - Michele

  • Pregnant with twins, I was appalled when a Target employee asked me if I had done fertility treatments. I hadn’t, but couldn’t even answer, I thought it was so intrusive! -Aimee

  • How about “let’s see if this one sticks.” After 2 miscarriages, we announced our 3rd pregnancy to my in-laws in the future nursery of the house we had just closed on. My mother-in-law casually says “let’s see if this one sticks.” I started to cry and walked out the room. Anything else that was said to me paled in comparison to that! - Kerri

  • With 5 weeks left to go, all my girlfriends at a mutual friends baby shower told me I looked like I was going to blow. I said, "thanks & shut-up. I have 5 weeks to go and I am pregnant!!" My water broke 4 hours later...maybe not so funny in writing! - Melanie

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beth ewing said...

ok the "let's see if this one sticks" has to be one of the worst things i've ever heard...and from a family member. wow!

Tammy said...

I agree that "if it sticks" has to be the worse. Being pregnant with twins, I also heard the fertility treatment comments too, even from the hospital staff when I was on bed rest at the hospital. I had a friend who had twins from fertility treatments. She ended up telling people she was not because when she said she did take treatments, there were even more and worse questions/comments that followed.

.......................Honeycutt Family said...

UGH! The insensitivity of some people! The "Let's see if this one sticks" comment made me tear up! I suffered a miscarriage last fall and people that have never had that experience just have no idea the pain and hurt that it entails. I'm so glad that your baby was born safe and healthy, Kerri!

Anonymous said...

How awful! I figured people would be more sensitive with comments about miscarriage but I quickly learned I was wrong. The worst thing I experience occurred the day after my D&C procedure. I had a "friend" come by unannounced to bring me a movie "I had to see." For some reason this mother of two thought that "Knocked Up" would be appropriate. I handed the movie back to her, told her I had already seen it and let my husband walk her out. Comedy or not, I didn't think a movie about a girl that got pregnany, didn't want the baby and still managed to have a healthy baby was the right topic for someone who just lost a baby they desperately wanted.

Bridget said...

wow, anonymous... that's awful! I cannot imagine a friend doing that. I'm sure she just wanted you to laugh, but jeez... think a little, huh?
Kerri, I don't think I could look at my mother in law for ages if she had said that to me! You're a better woman than I. that's cruel!

Andy, Cherie, and Sarah said...

Wow...what a horrible comment about whether the pregnancy "sticks." That has to be the all-time worst thing I've ever heard!