Sunday, October 19, 2008

BBA Headlines

:: The Ultimate Gift of Love
An Illinois mother was dead set on giving her baby up for adoption. It was a hard choice - and one that she had accepted - until she found herself in the hospital having an emergency C-section eight weeks before her due date. When she saw her newborn, she began to have second thoughts.

:: Five New Options for Baby Websites
A handful of new companies aim to create the ultimate baby website. Check out Baveo, Kidmondo, TotSpot, babyZbook, Lil' Grams.

:: Soothing Tiny Fliers
Adults aren't the only ones in distress when they fly, although our pain is mostly psychic. Babies and small children have narrow eustachian tubes, which causes the distress. Eustachian tubes help equalize the pressure on both sides of the eardrum. Adults know that chewing gum will help pop the ear and restore the balance, but it's generally a bad idea to give an infant a wad of Dubble Bubble. There are, however, other ways to relieve your baby's discomfort.

:: Airlines Say Goodbye to Baby Perks
While it hasn't made the same headlines as baggage fees and fuel surcharges, more airlines are dropping the preboarding call for families with small children.

:: Movement Rises for Workplace Parenting
What's one of the biggest perks that employers can offer new parents? More time with their babies. The Parenting in the Workplace Institute offers suggestions on how to implement baby-to-work programs, and has identified more than 100 companies and public agencies across the country that permit parents to bring their babies to work.

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