Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog Hopping: The Ride Home

By Katie
BBA Contributor

I just had to share pictures of the ride home. On the way to Washington, the main problem that we had with the kids was that Karleigh kept poking the little ones in they eyes. Needless to say, they didn't like that very much. parents came up with this cardboard divider so that Karleigh couldn't get to the little kids.

A few hours in to the drive, she heard Savannah and called out, "Savannah, where are you?" It was pretty funny. We thought the drive would be better if the kids were all asleep so, we decided to leave at 8:00 on Thursday night. Unfortunately, Karleigh didn't get the memo about sleeping all night in the of us got any sleep, but we made it home safe and last night I slept from 8:00 at night to 11:00 this morning!!!

We had so much fun in Washington. It made me so grateful (for the millionth time) for the family that I have. My parents bought all of the kids these little toys to take home. They all sang different song so we heard the ABC song at least 100 times on the way home!

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