Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Hopping: The Bow Fight

By Katie
BBA Contributor

We're past the year mark, and still no hair. I've had a few people ask me lately if she is a boy or girl. I just have to laugh and hope her hair grows in soon because the bows aren't working out anymore.

The weirdest thing happened a few weeks ago and it kind of freaked me out. I was walking out of Walmart with Savannah in the cart. This older - and when I say older I mean much, much older, like I'm hoping that he was somewhat senile - gentleman stopped me by grabbing my arm.

Um...freaky, please...don't touch. It got weirder though. He started rubbing my back, while he was rubbing his chest (his shirt was unbuttoned a few buttons) with his other hand, and he asked me if Savannah was MY LITTLE BROTHER. Huh? Never got that one before. I was so confused that for a minute I didn't know what to say. Um, no, this is my DAUGHTER!


By this point, Shera was pulling my arm because she was creeped out by all of the rubbing that was STILL going on. Then, he asked me if Shera was my MOM.

Uh...we gotta go.... We've been told all our lives that she looks like the older sister, but!

Anyway, this shirt might have come in handy that day, although I'm thinking probably not!

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