Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Costumes: Ladybug & Hi-C Drink Box

Here are a few more entries for our Halloween Costume Contest. Email your photo to us by Sunday, 11/2 at 7 pm ET to enter. You can win one of two Blurb Books or a Jackaroos' diaper clutch. Plus, you may inspire others who are in need of Halloween Costume ideas.

Honor Lauren, ladybug, submitted by her Aunt.

Jeserae said, "We spent 2 weeks on this costume. It has every single detail that the regular drink box has all the way down to the barcode and expiration date. We started from a brown cardboard box and just added all the details."


Bridget said...

Oh My! The Hi-C box is AWESOME! I'm impressed by that project! I'm surprised it only took 2 wks.

Anonymous said...

Check this one out...